So tired …

Hey guys !!! 

This day was so good but I am so tired !!! All happend from early in morning … I had a bad feeling about this single day !!! ( sorry for my english … they are so bad 😁)

When I went to school our teachers told us that we are gonna stay outside for all the DAY !!! With a LOT of hot and with no water or food !!!!!!

Then they told us about an basket competition ( I didn’t go 😎) and I was like “OMG WHAT “, because I am not so an ” sporty type ” !!!

Well I sit with my friends talking about anything ELSE but that basket competition !!!! They are my BFF and , of course , they are the BEST friends in the world !!!

OK !!! Then in home I was SO tired that I can’t even move my head !!! I sitted a couple of hours in home and then I went to the cities hall to watch my friends dancing and well … all I want to say is “WTF !!! ”  , because they were SO terrible !!!! 

That was my whole day !!! 

Wait for updates … 😍😍😍

With love ,



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